Sound Masking

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Sound Masking Protects Information Sound Masking Reduces Stress


Sound Masking

Sound Masking electronically cancels excess workplace noise by approximately 50%. Neutralize unwanted voices, equipment and ventilation system noise. Restore speech privacy in open offices, confidential privacy in closed offices, and improve productivity in open spaces.

Installation Includes :

  • Evaluate your facilities with electronic analysis equipment
  • Work with electricians / general contractors / building manager / architects etc., to incorporate specifications into architectural drawings
  • Provide a cost analysis / return on investment analysis
  • Provide detailed drawings via electronic format
  • Tune systems to provide optimum performance for number of employees, furniture density, distance between work stations, number and type of windows, noise levels, types of noise & height of ceiling

The Acoustical Sound Masking Group are installation experts of the major brands of sound masking, white noise & pink noise generators.